Consultancy For Strategic Business Plan

Change and adaptation to such changes are key requirements in global business life. Recent bankruptcy stories in global business life are evidently related to strategic errors of the companies. As they lack the needed strategic business plan. Future of a company depends on what decision and investments are made, how sources are improved and utilized at present time.  Setting a future vision and establishing strategic planning to reach it is ultimately necessary in order to plan whereabouts of the company and to effectively use the energy, financial power and manpower in the long run.



Albert Solino is an international company of consulting, technology and corporate finance. It provides a system to customers by way of management consulting and public offering.

Strengths and weaknesses

Strengths of the company are to set forth the company owned sources that will help it with a competitive edge in the market (i.e. tangible, physical sources, proprietary rights; patent, utility model, trademark, copyrights, logo etc. ). Weaknesses of the company are to set forth what might or is otherwise likely to cause damages to the company in the short and long run. To identify them, an expert staff implement a set of internationally accepted analyses such as SWOT.


Growth Strategies

As a result of these analyses conducted, we enable customers to identify and even clarify as to whether they wish to lead the sector, exhibit horizontal or vertical growth, prefer organic or inorganic growth.

Scenario-based Planning

We drive forward the customers in competitive market conditions, evaluate and generate long-termed scenario-based planning so that they are capable of following up with and analyzing opportunities.

Company Strategy

We plan a short, mid and long-termed company strategy that is needed for attaining mutually established visions and values. Company strategies may be the ones that entail developing new products, generating or diversifying distribution channels, investing in machinery and facilities for boosting production capacity, increasing the operating capital and utilizing proprietary right capital.


We give shape to a vision of the future via a strategic business plan, that not even the customer itself can sincerely express.

Quantifiable Results

We convert business plans to targets set by company, department, and team(s) for the next year in order to establish a company strategy. We clarify concrete outputs and success criteria and endeavor to implement the same.