Strategic Planning And Strategic Management Consulting

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Strategic Planning and Strategic Consulting Services

Albert Solino follows the following Corporate Governance Consulting approach with its expert and dynamic team of consultants once the company decides to get institutionalized:

  1. Current Situation Analysis
  2. Determining Corporate Development spheres
  3. Prioritizing Prospective Management Consulting activities
  4. Setting a Strategic Management Consulting and Plan
  5. Conduct of Corporate Transformation and Structuring Consulting Activities

Current Situation Analysis

Corporate Governance Consulting begins with evaluating the current situation and strategies in particular. Current situation analysis will help us get to know you better by way of the followings;

  • Contacting the unit executives and Board of Directors;
  • Paying visits to company addresses: Head office manufacturing site, warehouse(s) etc.,
  • Determining data requirements for analyses and examining the existing documentation.

At the Management Consulting meetings in which your company representatives and Albert Solino consultants will come together, detailed planning of Corporate Governance consulting process, our approach to it, prioritized needs and requirements and other issues that will contribute to achievement rate of institutionalization process will be discussed.

Determining Corporate Development Spheres

Current condition and targets of the company will be evaluated and Management strategies will be observed, corporate development spheres will be defined at such meetings of consulting evaluations:

  • Confirming the company vision and strategy, strategic management targets and the target market on the basis of business unit /function,
  • Brand Strategy Consulting,
  • Analyses of existing markets, market-based strategies and research and reports that are already available,
  • Examining and revising the existing marketing strategy,
  • Department processes: Human Recourses, Finance Management, Supply Chain, R&D, Sales and Marketing, and other departments,
  • Detailed analysis of all commercial operations management performance of the company, and extracting findings for areas of development,
  • Collecting intercorporate (management reports, balance sheet, Quality system Documents etc.) and non-corporate data (market reports, rival analyses etc.).

As a result of the foregoing;

Albert Solinoproject team will examine the existing corporate structure and prepare a business plan for departments and areas to be developed.
As a result of the contacts and discussion with the management and department executives, a development and Corporate Governance business plan will be created for structuring the areas that are observed and confirmed for improvement by the senior executive.
When a business plan for development is created, Management Strategies by departments will be created in an order of priority and based on the needs and requirements.

Prioritising Prospective Management Consulting Activities

The following process will be observed when implementing a roadmap for Corporate Development, and activities of Corporate Governance Consulting:

A- Things for Prompt Action: That means high value-low risk area of the steps of consulting activities.
B- Planned to be Done: That means low value-low risk and high value-high risk area of the steps of consulting activities.
C- Revised to be Done: that means low value-low risk area of the steps of consulting activities.

Setting a Strategic Management Plan

Checking existing targets of the company in line with the Corporate Governance needs and requirements, revising them if an when needed, and documenting Corporate strategic targets accordingly,
Providing consulting services for revising and documenting strategic plan depending on the Corporate Governance needs and requirements,
Providing consulting services reporting unit-based business plans and strategies for penetration into target markets.

  • Strategic Planning and Corporate Performance Management
  • Brand Management and Brand Performance
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Marketing, Customer and Trade Management
  • R&D / New Product Development Consulting
  • Financial Management Reporting
  • Human Resources Management
  • Corporate Governance Consulting
  • Information Systems Management
  • If your company is growing and even if you believe institutionalization will take to you a better position, you have difficulties in attaining potentiality due to lack of corporate governance,
  • If your company is the best possible position in its specific field of activity, and you are concentrating on new sectors and new steps to be taken,
  • If profitability decreases despite increasing sales,
  • If a duty or responsibility remains unattended due to lack of management simply because it is not defined as to who is in charge of what,
  • If you wish to go after your global rivals and cannot decide where to start from,
  • If you are about to transfer the management to a new generation and the new generation is in need of a management system to safeguard a better future for the company

Then your company needs to get institutionalized for withstanding and surviving in global competition and also for growing properly. Corporate Governance consulting Services by Albert Solino is a key solution package to institutionalism.