Penetration to the US Market from abroad and Governance Consulting


1- Consulting for Penetration to Us Market- Market Survey
– Analysing technical/economic/commercial feasibility of products and services for the US market

– Search for similar products and services, and coming up with scenarios for product/service positioning accordingly
– 5P Analysis – Price, Product/Service, Place, Promotion, People

2- Product and service localisation in tune with the Us market
– Business analysis service for Product Development and Research& Development that should be performed in line with the market expectations

– Marketing plan as per Products/service positioning that will be realised according to the result of 4P  market survey

– Target audience is identified and the followings are determined optimally
Target price,
Target place of sale,
Target promotional activities,
Target product/service,

3- Consulting for Opening a Branch or Establishing a New Company in USA
– Consulting for opening a branch or establishing a new company in USA after market survey and product/service location works that are performed by us or completed by the company itself,
– Consulting services for commercial risks, investment consulting and governance  in addition to providing information to the stakeholders about  legal and financial system in force in USA,
– Consulting for business visa and migration visa procedures

4- Consulting for Occupational or Risk Capital Investor Affairs in USA

– Preparing a 5-year business plan by covering products/services intended for sale in the United States of America into a project,
– Preparing  a teaser file fort the investor’s presentation, and providing investment consulting services,
– Organising seeking investments as per networking and strategy,
– Deal – Closing