What We Do for Companies

“Hit the target with Management Consulting: Accurate Strategy, Accurate Management!”

What Your Company Wins With Management Consultancy?

Whether it is a SME or a large-size international company, management-oriented challenges that have not been faced before emerge as the organisation enlarges. Just like a five-year old child whose feet will not fit into his/her shoes bought in a couple of months only. In the exact manner, management becomes sufficient for strategies that have been followed up until then. Formerly simple organisation gets complicated. It becomes complex and far from institutionalism.

Albert Solino Consultancy Team:
– Divides the complicated structure into Investment Consultancy processes and makes it simple for you;
– Solutions seem clear when simplified, paving the ground for Strategic Planning;
– Helps you make Management resolutions as needed by these solutions;
– Offer proactive contributions as Consultants in implementing the resolutions made.

Process of management consultancy basically operates as follows:
a. Examining the employer’s company structure in the light of international corporate governance principles and Management Consultancy
b. Setting up a Management Workshop led by Albert Solino and with participation from the senior executives
c. Guiding employer team on “Accurate Strategy” through the consultancy suggestions in the light of industrial needs and requirements
d. Setting up committees and corporate governance principles that are the most suitable for the employer’s structure
e. Reporting analysis and evaluation results obtained from the Consultancy workshop(s)
f. Arranging organisational structuring within the scope of institutionalism and corporate governance and led by the Consultancy team leader, sharing the suggestion with the senior management
g. Revising the management and organisation structure of the employer and analysing compliance with the business processes in terms of Management Consulting
h. Definition of duties and responsibilities with support from our consultants in case of new departments and executive committees
i. Commissioning final organisational structure and institutionalism system
j. Providing Effective Management by technological means such as ERP, CRM and Management Decision Support
Our solutions for Management Consultancy may aim at approaching a company as a whole, and helping it attain the targets, or it may approach to a given department only, restructures it for boosting efficiency.
Albert Solino Management consulting Services cover the followings;
1-Management Consulting
2-Board of Directors Consulting
3-Family and Corporate Law Preparing
4-Products Portfolio Analysis
5- Production Efficiency Services
6- R&D Centre Consulting
7- Purchase and Supply Chain Management Structuring
8- Human Resources Consulting
9- Institutionalism Consulting (SME)
10- Consulting for Preparing Strategic Business Plan
11- Market Survey and Market Entry Consultancy
With customized Management Consultancy solutions, we define whatever is needed for hitting the target, come up with innovative consulting solutions, boost the organisation with synergy, and make it ready for the target with our tactics and business plans. The only thing customers need to do is setting out to work for hitting the target.