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Go to Marketing Strategy to Grow Your Business

Marketing Strategy to Grow Your Business

We craft a marketing strategy and a set of activities to grow your business. Creating marketing personas, supplying target customer list database to implementing CRM tools.

Go to Digital Transformation Strategy

Digital Transformation Strategy

With our Business Consultants and Software Development team, we are helping companies solving their managerial and operational problems not only by advising them but also creating sustainable systems (software structures) tailored specifically to our customer needs.


Reliable, expert and gets the right things done at the right time in the right manner

With 10+ years of experience in consultancy business we completed 500+ projects with a total fund raising amount of more than 200M $. We are a collection of engineers who have MBA’s and Ph.D. degrees from the world’s top universities. We define ourselves as “management engineers” who are passionate about changing the world by starting doing the right things in the right way. Our vision is to enable a better working world by means of founding new companies or helping existing ones who can add a value to the world and human kind. Our dream is to be able to create a positive and big impression to the world and to our society by what we do. We see our business as an art, we love what we do. As artisans of our work, we believe that together we can create breakthrough developments in every part of our civilization. This idea drives us to spread our activities globally and delivering performance and success to every costumer we work with.


We have more than 30 full time consultants globally and more than 30 business partners.

Erden Tüzünkan

Vice President


Start Up Coach

Murat Emre Duman

Partner / Consultant

Atalay Taşkoparan

Partner / Consultant

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